Investing in the Marianas

The Northern Marianas offer a variety of medical, dental and eye care options. The island of Saipan has orthodontic services and opthomological care in addition to essential services. The major medical needs of the Northern Marianas are met by the Commonwealth Health Center (CHC). CHC is a unified medical center which accommodates inpatient and outpatient services, emergency care, public health and dental services, hemodialysis and other ancillary and diagnostic services and administrative offices. CHC services and facilities include a clinical laboratory, electrocardiography, ultrasound and radiology.

Twenty-four hour emergency care is provided by emergency nurses, emergency physicians, family physicians, a medical support staff and a variety of specialists who are on call for emergencies. There are 74 acute care beds available for medical/surgical, obstetrics, pediatric and acute mental health patients.

In addition to CHC, there is also a variety of private health clinics offering competitive services. Medical facilities in the CNMI must meet U.S. standards. The cost of medical insurance and care in the CNMI, however, is generally lower than in the U.S. mainland.

Island Medical Center 235-8880
PacifiCare Medical Center 235-0994
Marianas Medical Center 234-3926
Pacific Medical Center 233-8100
Saipan Health Clinic 288-2903
Commonwealth Health Center (CHC) 234-8950
Rota Health Center 532-0954
Tinian Health Center 433-0350
Family Care Clinic 234-8917
Children's Development Assistance Center 664-4845
Women & Children's Clinic 234-8943
CHC Dental Clinic 234-8950
Saipan Seventh-day Adventist Clinic 234-6323
Smile Saipan 235-3720
Toothworks 234-3810
Marianas Eye Institute 235-9090
Saipan Seventh-day Adventist Clinic 234-6323
Saipan Optical 234-7106
Marianas Eye Institute 235-9090
Saipan Seventh-day Adventist Clinic 234-6323

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