Investing in the Marianas

The work force of the Northern Mariana Islands is a diversified mix of U.S. citizens, Micronesians and guest workers from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries. People from the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau may freely work in the Northern Marianas with the same rights and privileges as U.S. citizens.

The CNMI is transitioning over to the U.S. Immigration Visa System. The Department of Homeland Security will be promulgating rules on the visas available for foreign laborers in the CNMI. More information will be posted once released.

The CNMI's minimum wage is currently $5.05/hour. This minimum wage is set to increase 50 cents on September 30th of each year until it reaches the federal wage floor of $7.25/hour.

Both the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations apply in the Northern Marianas. The FLSA establishes overtime pay, record keeping and child labor standards.

A variety of public and private organizations provide assistance to businesses and their employees. The Society for Human Resources Management, a U.S.-based private organization, provides training opportunities to help businesses professionalize their human resource management. The Saipan Garment Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has helped to standardize and promote their industry through the organization's principals of monitoring, code of conduct and employee bill of rights. The Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands also has a code of ethics and promotes professional human resources practices by hoteliers. Funding assistance for training local entry level employees is available through the Workforce Investment Agency. The Employment Services Division of the Department of Labor provides referrals of local workers to private industry.

Board of Professional Licensing 234-5897
Department of Labor & Immigration 664-2000
Employment Services 664-3242
Division of Immigration 664-2077
Workforce Investment Agency 664-1701
Division of Labor
Saipan 664-2021
Tinian 433-3700
Rota 532-9479
Health and Safety Office 664-2012
U.S. Department of Labor 233-0728
U.S. Social Security Administration
Saipan 234-6203
Tinian 433-9421
Rota 532-9421
Hotel Association of the Northern  
Mariana Islands 234-3455
Saipan Garment Manufacturers  
Association 234-7699

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